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POSTED ON 20 February 2018

Young gymnasts always aspire for perfection. Staying healthy is key in helping achieve this goal. Here are some tips that will help to keep you healthy all through the gymnastics season:

Good Flexibility is necessary

Though you need to be flexible to succeed as a gymnast, the average gymnast is ...

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POSTED ON 20 September 2017

Balancing school, work, and gymnastics can be hard if you don't manage your time right. If you’re a gymnast that is finding it difficult to keep up with your everyday tasks then read the tips below;

  • Stay organized: Organization will help you keep track of everything you have ...

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POSTED ON 05 July 2017

Everyone knows that physical activity is good for them, but do they understand why? If everybody knew why exercise was so good for them, I doubt they would ignore it. There are many reasons why you need physical activity such as; improving mental health, physical health, self-esteem, balance, coordination, and ...

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POSTED ON 13 June 2017

Living with a disability can be a challenge, even on the best of days. Sometimes it seems as though nothing was made with you in mind, and it can be frustrating to have to find ways to maneuver around in rooms that are not built for wheelchairs, or gym equipment ...

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POSTED ON 22 April 2017

Gymnastics, like other sports, is meant to be fun and showcase the extraordinary things the human body can achieve. At its best, gymnastics fosters discipline, determination, and teamwork—important life values that last a lifetime. In fact, many gymnasts have gone on to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors ...

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POSTED ON 22 October 2016

The most important liquid fuel your body needs at all times of the day is WATER! Staying hydrated will help maintain energy levels and provide assistance with digestion. As for food, you’ll want to fuel your body before practice but not right before. Allow 45 minutes to an hour ...

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POSTED ON 02 September 2016

A new school year is upon us, and you want to perform your best in and out of the gym. School, homework, gymnastics, extra curricular activities, social life, it seems impossible to cram everything into our busy schedules. But have no fear it is possible! In this article you’ll ...

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POSTED ON 05 August 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympics is here and just like everybody else, we’re very excited to watch extraordinary gymnasts from all over the world compete with each other for the coveted gold medals.

Artistic gymnastics has been a part of the Olympics since its inception in 1896. “With performances of ...

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POSTED ON 15 July 2016

Apart from the physical aspect of gymnastics, there’s a mental side that is just as crucial in succeeding. Today’s most recognized gymnasts owe their success to one thing: focus. These gymnasts know when to shut down the noise in their brain and achieve focus. And when they lose ...

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POSTED ON 24 June 2016
As a gymnast, you spend a lot of time fully dedicating yourself to gymnastics. The gym is now your second home. A week doesn’t feel complete without training. Basically, gymnastics is a part of you now. It gives you a sense of identity, confidence, and accomplishment.

That’s why ...
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POSTED ON 27 May 2016

As a gymnast, you put your hands under a lot of strain. Rips are a common occurrence in gymnastics. When a rip occurs, several layers of skin are removed from the palm or wrist area. Using equipment such as high bar, uneven bars, rings, or parallel bars creates friction against ...

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POSTED ON 26 April 2016

A successful gymnast isn’t just physically strong but mentally as well. Your mindset plays a crucial part in a winning performance since your thoughts determine every action you take. Sports psychology can help athletes develop focus and confidence to do better in their sport.

However, sports psychology often gets ...

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POSTED ON 12 April 2016

With August just months away, everyone is excited for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first time that the games will be held in South America. During the 17-day event, 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will participate in the Olympics. The event has been ...

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POSTED ON 08 March 2016

Being a gymnast is no easy feat. Sure, those high-flying stunts are difficult to pull of but so is balancing life and gymnastics. You have to juggle a lot of other things when you’re not training or competing: studies, family life, social life, and personal projects. Just thinking about ...

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POSTED ON 05 March 2016

Gymnastics is a vigorous sport that showcases an athlete’s agility, balance, and coordination. But sometimes, it can sometimes take its toll on gymnasts. With all the stunts gymnasts perform, it’s no wonder that they are at high risk for both common (sprains, strains) and serious injuries (head, neck ...

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POSTED ON 05 December 2015

The following is a letter from Krissy C., a gymnast, written several years ago. This personal letter can be inspirational for anyone who wants to discover the world of gymnastics.

Krissy began her competitive career at Gym-Nest Gymnastics at in Long Island, New York. Through hard work, perseverance, and patience ...

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